About Us

          Faculty of Management Science Kamphaengphet Rajabhat University, It’s one
of the departments under the university. Affiliation of office of the higher education
commission ministry of education. Focus on providing educational opportunities to
the people. Make to have potential to be the power of knowledge, manufacturer of
manpower which has knowledge, ability, and moral. Have conscious mind in to
service the local and the nation. It’s an academic dependency of local make to be
strong and sustainable and integrating knowledge into the community on the basis
of community involvement.


               Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University, originally a Teacher  Kamphaeng Phet College. It’s an institution that produces personnel for teacher career only, from a Teacher College there are 36 the nationwide. People have paid attention to a large number of studies. As a result, the production of teachers has a lot. Because this makes the staff of Teachers College have a lot. Makes have an adjustments and be prepared to develop yourself. To prepare for teaching in other professions more. For cause this have edited, the Teachers College Act, for to open teach in other professions more, apart from the teacher profession. As a result, Teachers College can open teach and produce graduates liberal arts and science increased. From the original, production graduate education only and start have recruit for other professions students. Since the year 1984 later.


               A Teacher Kamphaeng Phet College, have been organized preparation of the Faculty of Management Science establish, to be responsible for the production of liberal arts graduates Since the year 1985. By assign to Suwat Nakanakupt professor, holding positions head of department Economics and Politics Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, at that time is head of faculty, to proceed in forming a faculty establish. There is also Niyom Cheunniran professor and prajuab Thippreecha professor become a co-founder together. And committees of establish has been prepared course outline, supply documentation and building materials for establish for to prepare in open of teach.


               Have been announce establish Faculty of Management Science, by Minister of Education (Mr.Sampan Thongsamark). Have signed in Announce Ministry of Education, establish Faculty of Management Science. In a Teacher Kamphaeng Phet College on March 12, 1987. Faculty of Management Science have established officially on March 12, 1987. And start have open of teach as follows.
Diploma (First 2 years)
Undergraduate (Last 2 years)
Bachelor of Arts Program
General Management Program
Bachelor of Arts Program
General Management Program
  • Branch of Accounting
  • Branch of Accounting
  • Branch of General Management
  • Branch of General Management
  • Branch of Marketing
  • Branch of Marketing
  • Branch of Cooperative Economics
  • Branch of Cooperative Economics


               The year 1991. Faculty of Management Science, get a budget to build a Professional Experience Center Building, to the students in the faculty. Buildings have 4 floors, consist of 20 rooms, seminars room or conference room, professional laboratory, dining room, by the name of “Nam Phet Building”. Opened give accommodation service and arrange seminars or conference give to the general person. Currently, the university is a moderator.


               The year 1995. The Rajabhat Institute Act has been announced, for enforce and this has resulted in several changes. Such as renamed from “Teachers College”, to be “Rajabhat Institute”, and changed the name from “Faculty of Subjects” to be “Faculty”. By cut off the words “Subjects” go out. And change the management position of the faculty. From the words original use “Head of Faculty of Subjects” to be “Dean”. This change has resulted in there must election an executive director of new all.

2539 - 2543

               The year 1996. Faculty of Management Science, Get of the budget for the construction of the school building. This is due to the budget expenditure amendment, fiscal Year 1997. By proceed of building of 8-storey  construction is the amount of money 42,940,000 Baht. Construction on September 15, 1997. The must proceed of completed within 540 days in June 1, 2000. 8-storey building of Faculty of Management Science first open launched in name is Chalermprakiet Phrachonmaphansa 2 building or also known as Building 11.


               The year 2004. Rajabhat Kamphaeng Phet Institute raised as “Kamphaengphet Rajabhat University”. Have independence and is a legal entity. Is a government agency under the law on budgetary procedures in the Office of the Board of Directors, Higher Education, Ministry of Education. At present, the Faculty of Management Science a courses are open undergraduate (4 years), 4 courses such as
  1. Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. Bachelor of Arts Program
  3. Bachelor of Economics
  4. Bachelor of Accountancy


Philosophy | Resolution | Vision | Mission



Knowledge integration to the community on the basis of participation.


Create good people. Have a moral. The abreast technology. Have business ability. Have systematic thinking to find the success. Have local and social development.


Academic and profession focus emphasize. On the side to administration for local development.


  1. Strengthen militancy the local community.
  2. Produce graduates with knowledge, Skills, Ability, In the 21st century with good quality.
  3. Art and Culture Preservation
  4. Efficient management

Goals | Core Values | Organisational Culture


  1. Social Development to be militancy. Can a self-reliance.
  2. graduates good quality. Have a moral and is recognized by the labor market.
  3. The faculty has a good image.Is accepted by society.
  4. Have a management modern. According to good governance.

Core Values

is   “HAPPY”

H:  Human Resource Good human resources
A: Activeness enthusiasm
P:  Participation participate
P:  Practitioner Practitioner
Y:  Yield Quality results

Organisational Culture

Senior Respect.  punctual,  Use resources worthily. Arts and Culture conserve.


Identity | Identity | Strategic Issues

Identity – in

“Graduates have a mental of service.”


Graduates, Student have the ability to serve for the benefit of the collective public, with the impress.

Strategic Issues

  1. Local development, with mission to create relationships the Faculty of Management Sciences with local social.
  2. Elevation of quality and the standard of production graduates, to have quality and moral.
  3. Intensive track, creating image in organization.
  4. Improve the administration management faculty system give to the modern. Have a governance.

Identity – out

“Graduates, Have the volunteer spirit. Creative the wit. Local development.”


  1. Have the volunteer spirit is have a conscious mind for the benefit of the collective public, Present oneself, Willing, Intend, Sacrifice. What we have either Stamina, Time, Asset. To help others or society to be benefit and more happiness, Without expectation.
  2. Creative the wit is Being a learner must study and find knowledge. Love to read, Accumulate and increase knowledge, Skill, Myself own ability and express through the work, Writing, Research, Invented, Speech, Performances in various academic forums. Include initiative. various project / activity . For the benefits of the collective public.
  3. Local development is participation in activities for create opportunities or promote good quality of life of the people, Community, Society for the better.